RVG Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale

When you’ve found an Instrument/s that you like, give me a call or send an e-mail. Then I’ll send you further details. Should you have any questions about anything please feel free to contact me.


Ric Harvey


Purchase Policy:

  • To HOLD any item, we require a 20% deposit, refundable as store credit. (some small items we can hold without a deposit)
  • 24* Hour Approval Period on Guitars only. (This means 24-hours after the buyer receives the guitar, the sale is FINAL, unless Rics Vintage Guitars is notified within that 24-hour period.)
  • All Amps and Effects sales are Final.
  • We prefer to use:-
    • PAYPAL
    • Direct Deposit
    • Cash
    • Bank Cheques Only

Shipping Policy

  • When shipping instruments to us, if you are not familiar with shipping requirements/procedures, call us for proper packing instructions.
    • We will pay for shipping and Insurance UNLESS the goods are damaged in transit
    • You will be responsible for wrapping the goods in our recommended manner
    • You will pay for shipping and insurance
    • We will pack the goods to our specifications

Return Policy:

  • Any Returns must be authorized by us, prior to shipment
  • Returns will only be issued within 24* hours of the time of delivery
  • Instrument must be returned in same condition as shipped
  • Buyer is responsible for the instrument during approval period
  • Shipping and related expenses are non-refundable.
  • Buyer pays for prompt return shipping and Insurance.
  • Item must be shipped back via a service comparable with which it was delivered, immediately upon return authorization.


Shipping and INSURANCE :

 NOTE : Once purchased and paid for you are the new owner of the instrument or amp even though delivery is still to come, you should then contact your insurance company or agent/broker etc and add it to your coverage which should also include a 'SHIPPING COVERAGE' from us to you.

 We are responsible for your instrument while it's in our care up and to when it's picked up from us....but as soon as it's picked up by the courier/post or whoever it is shipped by YOU are responsible for it then......we highly recommend insurance coverage for shipping......



  • We ship TOLL IPEC ROAD exclusively in Australia and we charge $100 aud which includes packing BUT NOT INSURANCE. (insurance extra, ask for quote within Australia)
  • International Shipping via FEDEX, UPS, DHL or QANTAS.
  • International Customers please note: Any additional fees including duties, VAT or any other charges related to international shipping are the responsibility of the purchaser & are non-refundable.

 NOTE: International shipments are sent with complete and accurate commercial invoices that reflects the price paid for the goods.


Lay by Policy:

  • 25% Minimum Down Payment Required.
  • Refundable as store credit only.
  • Balance to be paid off within 60 days.
  • 24 Hour Approval Period is forfeited.